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Be a part of our legacy – sponsor one of our future trees!

Use BEPS online purchasing system or visit the BEPS office to purchase your tree.


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Stage 3 planting is about to commence

Trees for Stage 3 planting are just being finalized.

Visit www.trybooking.com/fkrw to:

·       help kick start the funding of trees to be planted in 2016

·       Or buy some poo (manure enriched soil to help keep our plants happy).

Thank you for your support for 4 Trees4beps campaign.  In 2014 and 2015 approximately 60 trees have been planted on the school grounds

Stage 2 planting continues and plants are for sale

New trees have just been added for Stage 2 planting:

  • A jacaranda for outside the prep room
  • a gingko biloba for in The Agora (near where the metal ramp is)
  • and bottle brushes and cilmbing trees

Visit www.trybooking.com/fkrw to check them out.

Stage 2 planting is ready to commence and plants are for sale.

Schoolyard forest

We are planning to plant 20 plants in the first phase of Stage 2.
Each she-oak is a bargain $10.50 each. Why not buy two???

                            Thank you for supporting us in realising Stage 1 as part of our inaugural 2014 Trees4beps campaign.

  You can still purchase some poo (manure enriched soil to help keep our plants happy).