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Greening our spaces with every tree, bush, grass and poo!(compost poo that is)


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The trees4beps bulletin features our on the spot reporters for a special National Tree Day edition informing us about our Trees 4 BEPS project.

2014 National Tree Day Highlights

Thanks everyone for getting involved and supporting the Trees 4 BEPS fundraising project.


Nicholson St Wall Re-Construction Commences

28 June, 2015

Over the school holidays the Nicholson Street Wall re-construction will be undertaken. This will cause part of Nicholson Street to be blocked, but will coincide with the tram works that are also blocking Nicholson Street (reducing the need to block the street twice).

The first job was to fence off the area, remove the existing wire fence and then remove all trees within 1.5m of the wall. Anne-Marie Paton and Pat Deasey worked with the arborist and project team to maintain sections of the trees. It is envisaged that these sections will be incorporated into a new, nature based playground which will be developed over the next 2 years. Trees will be planted into this landscape in the final stages - once the hard landscaping has been completed.

In the meantime we have lots of trees to plant elsewhere in the school ground.

We are gearing up for National Tree Day on Friday 24 July which will include:

  • dress in tree-inspired costume (and bring a gold coin donation),
  • a green flavoured Friday Market and
  • Sponsor a Tree.

A plant and paint working bee on Sunday 2 August will follow to see all the new trees in the ground.

We would love your support by sponsoring a tree - visit 

New trees have just been added.

She-Oak sell out

31 May, 2015

Families enthusiastically supported the first phase of Stage 2 Trees 4 BEPS with the she-oak trees being sold out at the Friday Market.

20 trees in total will be planted in clusters along Stewart St, adjacent to the basketball court to create a schoolyard forest. The trees will create an enchanting place for children to play and explore in.

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Did you miss out on a she-oak? Please feel free to give a general donation which will provide valuable funding to the second phase of the Stage 2 planting.

Stage 2 Planting Commences

20 May, 2015

Now that rain has truly arrived it is time to start the Stage 2 planting.

The first trees to go in will be clusters of drooping she-oaks along the Stewart Street fence. The soft needles of the she-oaks and drooping branches will create enchanting places for the children to explore in.  Schoolyard forest

Planting will commence at the working bee on Sunday May 24 from 12-3.

If you can't make the working bee, why not sponsor a tree or two.

sponsor a tree today

Trees 4 BEPS reaches a great milestone!!

4 September, 2014

Delivery of the first trees! These trees will go in The Menagerie - showcasing examples of some of Australia's finest gums. This area is the 456 playground or the playground outside the prep room.

Elissa Walker who was there to meet the arrival of the trees, said that the actual grower delivered the plants and it was like he was handing over his babies. We are just trying to finalise how the trees will be planted with maximal children involvement. However we hope you can see these beauties happily in their new home by the end of next week.

Thanks BEPS for all your support to make this school a greener place.


Building and Grounds Committee (BGC)